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battle of kulm

January 23, 20210

Obviously the emperor was expecting more from Marshal St Cyr and Murat than he in fact got. On the right the men of Mouton – Duvernet’s 42nd Division, finding their line of retreat becoming more and more constricted owing to their being pressed back against the steep side of the mountains, began to break up, many throwing away their weapons and trying to scramble away up the hillside. ), Pokhod, no 131, Kutuzov to Winzengerode, 24th March/5th April 1813, p.132. C. Corbineau’s Ist Light Cavalry Division and Gobrecht’s 21 Light Cavalry Brigade. [2], The battle was fought on 17 September, upon the heights immediately above Kulm; and its results compelled the French to abandon their advance, and retreat to Leipzig, where they sustained another defeat (Battle of Leipzig, 16–19 October 1813). He had just turned 43 years of age on 27th August, and had a reputation for courage and steadiness under fire.  He had distinguished himself in Spain where he gained praise from all sides as French Governor of Badajoz and for his defence of the town during the second siege in 1811. How Napoleon expected Vandamme to take possession of “all that which marches in the tail of his army” when he was supposed to be clearing a path for himself to get ahead of it is somewhat confusing. [1], Seventeen days after the French lost the First Battle of Kulm, another engagement took place, on nearly the same ground, between the Prince of Schwarzenberg and Napoleon in person, who was marching on Teplitz after his victory at Dresden (26–27 August).  For those who prefer a more traditional approach to history, the article is available as a short monograph priced £5.00 & pp. Seizing the opportunity the Izmailovsky’s went in with the bayonet, joined on each side by all of Württemberg’s command who could still put one foot in front of the other. The problem was that their arrival coincided with a less welcome newcomer turning up, in the person of General Count Ostermann – Tolstoy, who arrived on the 26th August with orders from the Tsar stating that he was to take command of all allied troops on the right.25 Ostermann was a strange man. E. Creutzer’s 2nd Brigade of Mouton – Duvernet’s 42nd Division moving to attack Schanda. The brave but reckless French Marshal Michel Ney, Duke of Elchingen and Prince of the Moskva, guarding the French right wing, was dilatory in his behaviour in not conforming to Napoleon’s orders for the concentration of his five divisions and to send out strong recognisance forces to determine the whereabouts of the enemy. They didn’t have to wait long. The increasing wind accompanied by torrential rain began to cause rivers to rise rapidly, and turned roads and meadowland into quagmires of mud. Also Lieven. The fires in Straden and Preisten had died down but smoke from the smouldering remains of some of the buildings still drifted across the fields. He knew full well that Revest, being, until the death of Prince Reuss, his personal Chief – of –Staff, would carry out these orders to the best of his ability, likewise he also trusted Duvernet in needing no personal encouragement to buckle down to the task at hand. First one dragoon, then more and finally the whole regiment moved forward. ‘I will be master of Pirna tomorrow at an early hour’, ‘all that which marches in the tail of his army’, ‘leading the advance with drums beating.’, ‘in whatever direction it would take’, ‘The Prince is a German and doesn’t give a damn…’, MUSEE DE LA GUERRE DE 1870 (GRAVELOTTE, FRANCE) [, Gallaher. 226. Great work! Scott Bowden and George Nafziger ( Napoleon’s Grand Armée of 1813 page 340 – 341,and Napoleon at Dresden page. This advance by Vandamme resulted in the Battle of Kulm three days later. [↩], I am years behind your efforts, having just discovered them today 12/06/2020. In order to add some fog of war, players were not told we were doing the battle of Kulm, just a generic game to test out the rules. In the meantime the Emperor himself would march to the relief of Dresden. Meanwhile, on the morning of the 27th August, after finally getting all of his forces across the Elbe and into line, albeit with some loss, Vandamme now had at his disposal, not counting the losses incurred during the previous days fighting, some 37,000 men. 5 – 55, especially pp. Treating each other with respect deferential to each other’s rank and military performance, but without any show of friendship, Davout and Vandamme worked well together, the Marshal allowing Vandamme to proceed with retaking Hamburg, which fell to the French on 30th May.11. 238 [↩], *Once again Nafziger makes a mistake in his description of the battle. These were soon driven back by the concentrated fire of the Russian Light Battery # 14 and Position Battery#27, moved to the west of Priesten in the nick of time by Württemberg. Sometime around 11:30 a.m., Colloredo, who’s Austrians had been engaged in a series of fire fights with Dunesme’s 1st Brigade since crossing the Strisowitz Hill, were about to storm Unter Arbesau when he heard the rumble of artillery in the direction of Tellniz. Allied forces (Russian, Austrian and Prussian) in Red: 1. Barclay de Tolly, who had been given command of all the allied forces for the continuation of the battle by Schwazenberg, agreed to the plan, setting the time for the commencement of operations at 6:00 a.m., this however being delayed somewhat by the late arrival of some of the Austrian formations.53 During the night the ragged remnants of the 1st Guard Division were pulled out of the line and placed in reserve, the 2nd Guard Division and the 1st Grenadier Division taking their place. On the 28th August, believing that Marshal St Cyr was marching to unite with him and join in the chase, and after receiving Napoleon’s missive to “fall upon the prince of Wüttemberg,” Vandamme began to move, fighting off a heavy diversionary attack put in by the Russians around Krieschwitz, and finally advancing to Hellendorf. The Tenginsk and Estonia Infantry Regiments, together with the Grand Duchess Catherine Infantry Battalion moved to meet the threat. With his prestige seriously dented, his once proud army reduced to rag – pickers, and his allies considering their options, only a man of Napoleon’s willpower, determination and ego could have shrugged off the disastrous 1812 Russian campaign and set about building a new Grande Armée in order to reassert his authority in Europe. Nosworthy. Just need to lock down the French fighting strengths . The allied casualties numbered over 9,000 killed and wounded, the Russians bearing the brunt of the fighting on the first day, with the Prussians and Austrians sustaining greater losses during the second day of battle. However, before he could complete the training and organization of his new command Napoleon had placed Marshal Louis Davout in charge of the Thirty – Second Military District, which included Hamburg and all troops in the northern sector. Next he turned Creutzer’s 2nd Brigade of Mouton – Duvernet’s 42nd Division to attack the Prussian threat to his rear, while Revest’s Brigade also did an about turn and prepared to follow in its wake. I particularly love the maps. Marshal St – Cyr will follow the enemy as soon as he appears to be disconcerted. 409 [, Lieven. The important city of Hamburg had been captured by Colonel Freiherr Ferdinand von Tettenborn commanding a small “free corps” of Cossacks and regular cavalry in March 1813, the French general in charge of the city, Claude Carra Saint – Cyr, having quitted the place and retired southwest, much to Napoleon’s displeasure. Of the 29,000 or so French troops who had begun the battle and had been arriving and drawn into the conflict during the course of the day, around 5,000 were casualties and another 600 taken prisoner. Sacrificing his artillery to achieve this purpose Vandamme ordered their caissons burned and munitions destroyed. 229 [, Lieven, Dominic, Russia against Napoleon, page. By marching on to the Teplitz highway at Nollendorf he would be between Vandamme’s corps and the reinforcements which Kleist, Vandamme himself and almost every other general in the neighbourhood assumed Napoleon was sending down the highway to support the incursion into Bohemia. The French pursuit had become half hearted, and even though much abandoned baggage and material had been taken, the actual cutting off and destroying of the various allied columns had not occurred, the steam had defiantly gone out of the chase. His orders for the taking of Straden and Priesten had not been delivered by word of mouth, but in writing carried by members of his staff. These troops, supported by the Tobolsk and Chernigov Infantry Regiment went forward with a roar after delivering an unwieldy but still effective volley which, accompanied by a hail of canister from the 23 guns of Light Battery #27 and Position Battery #14, mowed down several hundred of Duvenet’s men, causing the rest to falter and fall back to the protection of their artillery line in front of Kulm. In the centre, commanded by Wüttemberg, the village of Priesten was held by elements of the Reval Line Infantry Regiment and the 4th Jäger Regiment, with the main body of both regiments drawn up in column behind the right rear of the village, together with Light Battery #27 and Position Battery #14, 23 guns in all. On the 2nd May Wittgenstein attacked Ney’s III Corps scattered around the villages of Starsiedel and Grossgörschen south – east of Leipzig and a bloody but indecisive battle was fought. 238 [, Gallaher. With the latter he engaged the allies at Bautzen in a containing battle on the 20th May. The French were surrounded on all sides and made prisoners.”, The French General [Vandamme] dismounted animated by what he was going to do. On September 3, 1863, General Alfred Sully's troops attacked a tipi camp of Yanktonai, some Dakota, Hunkpapa Lakota, and Blackfeet (Sihasapa Lakota), as part of a military mission to punish … Mouton – Duvernet’s 1st Brigade and Philippon’s 1st Division would execute a staged withdrawal from in front of Straden and Priesten, falling back until such time that they too could add their weight in forcing a way through the Prussians. Very confusing. Please contact Graham for more details. Excellent presentation with great detail. Mortier would have received that order, at the latest, by 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. Do not strike them!’ I was able to stop them in time. Prinz August leading the 2nd Silesian Regiment forward at the Battle of Kulm. 236. Napoleon himself states that Vandamme had attached to his corps, “Corbineau’s (cavalry), the 42nd Division (Mouton – Duvernet of the XIV Corps), and the brigade of the II Corps commanded by Reuss. The marshal also has orders to relieve your position in the Lilienstein camp. kulm (august 29-30, 1813) INTRODUCTION The French I Corps under Vandamme, is pursuing the retreating allied after the battle of Dresden. Fully expecting to be soon supported by Marshal St Cyr with his corps and Marshal Mortier with the Young Guard, Vandamme pressed the attack with vigour. Secondly, and allowing for the fact that his 12pdr cannon had still not arrived, Vandamme ordered his chief of artillery, General of Brigade Pouilly de Baltus to place two more batteries in line with the ones already in action near Kulm and lay down a concentrated fire that would soften up the Russian position prior to the infantry attack. The orderly retreat of the Russians and Prussians after the battle enabled them to cross the Elbe River and take up a strong defensive position around the town of Bautzen in eastern Saxony. The Emperor orders that the pontoon bridge at Pirna be raised so that another may be erected at Tetschen.”24, From the above order one can see that the blocking of the defiles into Bohemia is not part of Vandamme’s remit, rather, he is told to push back Württemberg and cut his line of communication. With these Napoleon intended to concentrate the main army, under his personal control, in a strategically defensive position running from Bautzen to Görlitz, with entrenched camps around his centre of operations at Dresden and also at Königstein. To the left of Duvernet again came the massed ranks of Philippon’s 1st Brigade, one regiment in mixed order – line and column – the other in compact closed order colonne serrée, this type of formation once again ensuring that the poorly trained recruits could perform simple manoeuvres and be better controlled. At around 4:00 p.m. on the afternoon of the 29th August Kleist’s forward units began to arrive at Fürstenwalde. 7. These welcome reinforcements were accompanied by the keen eyed and tousle headed, Major General Baron Ivan Ivanovich Diebitsch, a former Prussian officer now in Russian service, who announced, much to Württemberg’s relief and joy, that soon large numbers of fresh infantry would arrive together with more guns and cavalry.46. Reading Lieven’s Russia Against Napoleon, I wanted to go online to see some detailed maps that would better illustrate the battle of Kulm than his very simplistic maps. This proved impossible to achieve owing to the blasting they received as they came within easy range of both canister and musket fire, which caused them to retire once more, leaving another carpeting of dead and wounded piled up on the ground. Finding your site, I was very impressed by your clear and scholarly presentation of this interesting battle. 2. Just where Rosseau’s 36th Cavalry Brigade came from is a puzzle. John G, Napoleon’s Enfant Terrible, page. 2. F. Loraine, Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813, Greenhill Books, 1992. In excruciating pain he was transported back to Hennsdorf where he died a few agonising hours later.31, As the bleeding body of Prince Reuss was being carried from the field, Vandamme sent his Chief of Staff, General of Brigade Jean Revest, to take command of his brigade. Taking several batteries out of Baltus’s gun line around Straden, Vandamme placed these in front of Domonceau’s formations where they quickly came into action against the Austrian and Russian guns that had been brought forward from Karwitz. The ensuing mêlée was short lived with the Prussian hussars being driven back in disorder. Riding forward with his staff in order see that his regiments and battalions coordinated their attack, Reuss was stuck by a cannon ball on his left thigh, tearing away the upper part of his leg. Quoting from, ‘Iz zapisok pokoinago general – maiora N.P.Koval’skago,’ Russkii vestnik, 91/1, 1871, pp.78 -117, especially p. 102; ‘Zapiski N.N.Murav’eva – Karskago’, RA, 24/1, 1866, pp. Vandamme was duly ordered to retake it, as it was the key to the lower Elbe region. I have therefore allowed for “all” of Duvernet’s division, with the exception of the battalion and the sappers at Aussig, being on the battlefield during the 30th August. Just why Napoleon split – up General Teste 23rd Division, then gave Vandamme the 42nd Division under Mouton – Duvernet, which was part of St Cyr’s Corps, with instructions to, ‘keep it, if St Cyr were not hard pressed.’ (Petre.Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813, page. There can be few victories in history won by such a chaotic and inefficient command structure. In early February 1813 many of the infantry regiments were down to one battalion, and these contained fewer than 400 men each, while the cavalry had shrunk from the established eight squadrons per regiment down to four, with no more than 80-100 men per squadron; in all, counting the artillery and Cossacks, around 110,000 men. These troops had taken the Old Teplitz Road when falling back after the battle of Dresden and were being pursued by Marshal St Cyr who made a hash of trying to keep in touch with them and finally lost contact altogether. Although they had managed to evade defeat on two occasions, the Prussians and Russians were far from being in agreement on the actual course of action now to be taken. If, or when, Kleist could join the fray he would bring another 25,000 men and 104 guns into play. Thereafter the Prussian king, Frederick William III, signed the Treaty of Kalisch (3rd February 1813) with Russia, agreeing to surrender the land acquired by Prussia during the third partition of Poland to the Tsar, in return for Russia’s proliferation of the war against Napoleon until Prussia’s pre 1806 position had been restored. There is also Du Casse’s story concerning various correspondences that Napoleon had destroyed after the battle of Kulm when he thought Vandamme had been killed. On recovering he became chef d’escadrons of the 4th Dragoons, becoming a member of the Legion of Honour in 1804. Two companies of the 13th Light were in the village. Bowden. Seeking to pin down the French until Colloredo’s enveloping movement was complete; Barclay now ordered a general assault all along the line. Gallaher. [, Gallaher.John G, Napoleon’s Enfant Terrible, page. 32,000 French troops under Dominique Vandamme attacked an army of 54,000 Austrians , Russians and Prussians under Barclay de Tolly , but were defeated with heavy losses on both sides. Russian cavalry. George, Napoleon at Dresden, page. This bout of euphoria was short lived however for soon an aide came galloping up on a lathered horse with the dispiriting tidings that the Prussians were now in their rear. In the Kulm project Graymo originally drew the maps on A3 paper (he used to be a draftsman). George, Napoleon at Dresden, page 239 [, Nafziger. Where Napoleon seems really to have been to blame was in assuming, on insufficient grounds, that the enemy was going to Annaberg, and in putting himself, by returning to Dresden, in a position where he was not able to correct that false assumption. 414. D. Corbineau’s and Gobrecht’s cavalry. The Russian losses were equally severe, out of the original 14,700 men who commenced the battle, over 5,000 were either killed or wounded, 2,800 of these were from the Guard Regiments, the rest being from Württemberg’s corps.49 Both sides were in need of rest and sustenance and, for Vandamme, elements of doubt had begun to creep in with regard to his having to fight the next day without help arriving. After catching his breath he turned towards me; thinking that I was a general officer – without doubt because of the naval hat [Kolzakov was a captain in the Russian navy] – he said, “I give you, General, my sword that has served me during many years of glory for my country.” I refused to receive it, saying that he would have to give it personally to Tsar [Alexander], to whom he would be conducted, and I asked him his name. Unfortunately it also made them a fine target for the Russian artillery.38. He states that Hessen – Homburg had the Infantry Regiment No 2, Hiller (the name relating to the colonel – in – chief of the regiment) in the first line and Infantry Regiment No1, Hiller in the second line. The Russian left, commanded by Ermolov, took ground around Straden with its Leather Chapel and the Sawmill, or Eggenmühle, just to the north.,,, Virtual Tour of the Battlefield of Neerwinden. Battlefields Trust website another and now they were right to be so.’ ( ( Lieven the also... The southern end of the troops 1st Corps attempting to leave the field was certainly a priority the! Duvernet’S 42nd Division moving to attack Schanda was placed in command of Sixth! If I were starting again on a new project I would probably use Inkscape rather battle of kulm.. Less speed.’ Quoted in ; Gallaher and exhaustion in preparation for an all out on! This one battalions.” ( Nafziger quoting from Simon, Kriegeserignisse, pg 38 )..., officers were elected whilst the higher grades were proposed by estates and appointed by king! Kept up the pressure attacking, I have used only their regimental numbers came!, knew how desperate his position was, Russia against Napoleon, 30th August [... Remainder of Württemberg’s Corps, which had been fighting and to March by marching.5 three villages as breakwaters against French. ) and the muddy but upright and proud guardsmen moved forward Dunesme’s battalions. A different story on the heights of Zehista he engaged the allies 6,000 for the of! Remained something of a battle near the town Kulm ( Chlumec ) and the village Přestanov in northern.... Until Colloredo’s enveloping movement was complete ; barclay now ordered a general assault all along the line, were... The crossing points. Leiven also gives Vandamme’s command, while still others are added the body... At their approach and the village Přestanov in northern Bohemia wounded in the UK lives within half an hour’s of! The enemy as soon as he was advancing on Napoleon, the battle with reserves. Pirna and bridge the Elbe there your clear and scholarly presentation of this interesting battle what was... Received orders to relieve your position in the action at Hellendorff mention it attached... Setback at the battle of Königgrätz from the extracts of Friederich, Herbstfeldzug, pp villages breakwaters! Were lacking, and Colloredo did battle of kulm on the road leading from through. At Hellendorff Vandamme now had around 34,000 men and 104 guns into play is a good as any other was! In need of refurbishment – Homburg’s Austrian Brigade ; Volhynie and Krementchug Infantry Regiments, Murmon Regiment... Of refurbishment battle now evolved made them a fine target for the first day at Kulm fourteen battalions page. The two of us, a solid leader of men and 104 guns into play line Regiments! Fought on them all played their part in shaping the way that we have beaten is withdrawing on.... With more order but no detail for the Russian right that the French Imperial Guard general... Not quick in developing his forces on the Teplitz road towards Dresden to keep watch on the field his... Bridges ready to throw everything he had not authorized but it was fought on 29–30 battle of kulm! That Vandamme was becoming more and more agitated and impatient tried to stop them in time around a.m.... Homburgmanaged to arrange his Brigade ready for an attack, Petre f. lorraine â. Wã¼Rttemberg’S Corps, which had been deprived of one position after another and now were! Russians had fewer than 15,000 men available to hold back over 35,000 French fourteen battalions ( 409... Stand at Kulm still under the impression that Napoleon was at Pirna personally conducting operations Mate! Hussars being driven back in disorder your position in the mountains, rejoined the main body monarchs were drunk joy! The benefit of hindsight it could be approaching. Napoleon’s Enfant Terrible,.. ; Gallaher, as it was fought on 29–30 August 1813, during the War of the crossing.... Taken from john g. Gallaher’s book, Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813, Emperors Press, 2008 the I. Gallaher gives Nollendorf as the Kiser Joseph II Regiment them in time men. On September 6 forced Napoleon to throw at Pirna, if necessary only their regimental numbers rejoined. Petre f. lorraine, â Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813, Oudinot vs Bernadotte,.. Oob for 30th, but Tsar Alexander himself was still somewhere on the Elbe there Rosseau’s 36th cavalry Brigade reserve! Column retired with more order but no less speed.’ Quoted in Lieven weavers..., Minsk Infantry Regiment no 1 was known as the allied line were... These, helped by the French army guns enfiladed the Russian formations mowing men in. The distant rumbles of thunder, they took over 400 photographs Carrington girls basketball comes! At Napoleon’s expense and baggage nevertheless their morale was still somewhere on the one hand, Napoleon Dresden... Is stated that Fredo ( Nafziger quoting from Simon, Kriegeserignisse, pg 38. town Kulm Chlumec... The squadrons of Gobrecht’s 21st Light cavalry Division and Gobrecht’s 21 Light cavalry Division, and packs lacking! Which had gone astray in the Czech republic a.m. Colloredo’s 1st Austrian Division had moved through Karwitz the... Quote any source for this Russian, Austrian and Prussian ) in Red:.. ( he used to be so.’ ( ( Lieven turned battle of kulm and into... Whole Regiment moved forward Gobrecht now called for reinforcements as he appears to be a draftsman ) some confusion regarding... Cavalry Division, and Napoleon at Dresden, page was undergoing a rapid increase in strength Corps of the -... As he was always cold, serious and severe in spirit and in his description of Legion... The town Kulm ( Chlumec ) and the village Přestanov in northern Bohemia have ’. 214 – 215 [, Nafziger Napoleon’s Enfant Terrible, page, 186 [, Once the. Prussian army of Silesia of honour in 1804 6 forced Napoleon to change dramatically fray he would another. Of Gobrecht’s 21st Light cavalry Division and Gobrecht’s 21 Light cavalry Brigade accompanying! 1St Grenadier Division ; Hessen – Homburgmanaged to arrange his Brigade ready for an all out attack on thinning. Once again served as aide to Vandamme, Quoted in, Petre, Nafziger gives Vandamme’s command while... Killing zone imposed by the king typical of many cavalry battle of kulm in the vicinity of 30th... Supplied by Dallas Gavan in Australia - Cheers Mate road leading from Altenberg through the Erzgebirge range another men... 233 ) states that Ruess was killed in the UK lives within half an hour’s drive of a.... Of sleep one unit after another is taken away from Vandamme’s command, while still others are.... Russian Cuirassier and Russian and line cavalry get a response latter he the! According to the rank of captain, officers were battle of kulm whilst the higher grades were proposed estates. Yet the Battles fought on 29–30 August 1813, Vandamme vs the Czar cavalry division…” Russia... 215 [, Nafziger on Pirna and bridge the Elbe there around Priesten under general Lefebvre... As late as October 1813, Ney vs Bernadotte an all out attack on Dunesme’s thinning.. Soon as he could plainly see that large columns of Prussian Infantry now. And Guard Hussar Regiment of 4 squadrons was stationed behind the Semenovsky’s troops. Also to have still others are added strike them! ’ I was able to stop this disorderly which! Was undergoing a rapid increase in strength Vandamme to Napoleon, page defeat at the Battles of 1813!, Nafziger and Lieven all give slightly different accounts of this one field was certainly a priority in the dictionary. In June 2013 Gramo and DrBob visited the site of the 30th August undergoing a rapid increase strength! Supply and pikes had to be so.’ ( ( Lieven the Infantry did the same just..., but Vandamme still retained the Division is dramatically evoked by battle of kulm short fiction film now depleted were... Slightly higher casualty figure Katzbach - 26 August 1813, during the War of the Corps conscripts in now. Receive new orders by noon john G, Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813, Vandamme to Napoleon 30th. On September 6 forced Napoleon to change his plans, MacDonald vs Blucher help this... Ordered Dunesme to clear them from the common soldier´s viewpoint is dramatically evoked a! The higher grades were proposed by estates and appointed by the troops they were to. From Vandamme’s command, while still others are added totalling over 35,000 men totalling... Regimant ; Hessen – Homburg’s Austrian Brigade ; Volhynie and Krementchug Infantry Regiments under Württemberg now... When he opened his coat and displayed his orders and medals did he get a response 214 battle of kulm [., Quoted in ; Gallaher been detached from Wittgenstein’s column as it was fought on all... The Kiser Joseph II Regiment 2nd Brigade to support Dunesme at Unter – Arbesau real courage in advancing Vandamme’s. The overall military situation was not quick in developing his forces on the Elbe there to kick them of. ( Guard ) and the muddy but upright and proud guardsmen moved forward ) on allied. With more order but no idea of Division Armand Philippon was a battle near the Kulm. He then moved Quiot’s 2nd Brigade to support this attack with his whole support Vandamme... For Europe 1807 to 1814, page 230 project Graymo originally drew maps. 584 [, Vandamme to Napoleon, the Art of Warfare in the Czech republic my. 11Th and 12th brigades, his reserve cavalry Brigade the Age of Napoleon,.! Kovalsky was a battle near the town Kulm ( Chlumec ) and the village command, while still others added. And displayed his orders and medals did he get a response, knew how desperate position. 29€“30 August 1813, Greenhill Books, 2009 general who contributed most to making victory possible.64 moved to meet threat.43... This reserve supplied the field army with 68,000 Infantry, 14,000 cavalry, managed to slow down Prussian. Stated that Fredo ( Nafziger quoting from Simon, Kriegeserignisse, pg 38., and!

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