Women’s Soft Ball Cricket

June 28, 20180

Soft Ball Cricket is about getting out and playing: maximum fun, minimum fuss. No pads, no hard ball, no heavy bat, no head-scratching rules. It’s a game for absolutely everybody, no matter your skill level, fitness, or age. Playing time at festivals is usually about two to four hours, so it never gets boring!
Turn up and we promise you a warm welcome, a free T-shirt, free coaching, music, and food; basically, all the good things about a festival with none of the grunge.
So why not bring friends, kids, and family, down to your local Festival and make a day of it? It’s no problem if you want to sign up on your own. We’ll find a team for you and introduce you to all your new team mates.
All you have to do is go to ecb.co.uk/womenssoftballcricket, find a festival and register. If you think you know other women or girls who might be interested, please just share the link.
Thousands of women and girls who tried Soft Ball in 2017 found the festivals to be a way to have a laugh, meet new people and try a version of cricket for the very first time or return to the game.

The planned festival at West Herts CC (WD18 7HP):
Sunday 22 July 3-5pm – book direct 

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