Stroller Strength sessions are specifically designed as a post-natal fitness class for mother and baby. It is similar to an outdoor bootcamp but incorporates your buggy and your baby.

***Due to Covid restrictions, all sessions must now be pre booked through this website.***

Stroller strength sessions will develop your core strength and improve your fitness with your buggy in tow. The sessions are a variation of squats, push ups, burpees, running and competitive games. You’ll enjoy a whole body work out. Come along for a chat with other mums, bonding time with your baby and some fresh air.

A qualified instructor will lead the session who understands that you’ve just had a baby; you might not have worked out during your pregnancy or are getting to grips with motherhood.

Be prepared to move around and remember you will be outside so it’s best to wear warm, comfortable and supportive clothing.

Sessions cost just £4!

Here is some info that might help you to be prepared for your first session:

Type of Exercise

In every class we make sure to include specific exercises focus on stomach muscles and pelvic floor work to suit the needs of the postpartum mum.

Classes are available for all levels of fitness.

Mums of Steel instructors encourage you to do your best and work at your own fitness level.

All mums must have approval from their midwife or doctor and be at least 6 weeks post natal for a natural birth or 10 weeks post c section to participate.

Babies need to be at least 6 weeks old and up. We accept children up to 5 years old. For our outdoor classes where a stroller is involved you will need to make sure baby is content to sit in a stroller for at least an hour. You will need to ensure that the baby has proper neck support if required. For our indoor classes be sure to bring a blanket to lay baby on and for toddlers a favourite toy to keep them busy.

Fussy or Crying Baby – It’s OK!

Your baby is your first priority. The beauty of Mums of Steel classes is we are aware of the situation of mums with babies and understand they can become fussy from time to time. We embrace the challenges and celebrate the support that this group environment can provide. If your baby becomes fussy you are encouraged to take your time and soothe your baby. Do not worry about disturbing other classmates we are all mums in the same boat.

Please come prepared!

When attending classes please make sure you bring a mat or towel to lie on, water bottle and sweat towel. We recommend you bring all of the usual necessities for your baby that you would normally take when going for a walk with your pram. For outdoor classes we recommend that you additionally bring sunscreen, a hat, extra layer of clothing for both you and baby. As well you will need a towel or mat in order to do some work on the grass. Please be aware that if you have any questions regarding this to give us a call.

If you would like to discuss anything about your health or fitness privately feel free to ring Mary on 07709 342329.

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