Potters Bar Let's Talk Cancer

9th October 2023

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the UK, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes. It is vital that we know the potential risk factors that can cause breast cancer.

There are many small changes we can make to reduce our chances of getting breast cancer. Physical exercise for only 20 minutes a day and a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breast Cancer UK has many resources on how to reduce the risk.

Reduce The Risk

Checking your breasts once a month helps identify what may not be right for you. There are plenty of resources available to help with support for those living with breast cancer. Here in Hertsmere, we are running a cancer awareness event at the Wyllyots Theatre, Potters Bar on 9 October, 2-6pm. This is a great opportunity to talk with local professionals about health services available to you.

How To Check